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Caren  Carter, Esquire               

Caren Carter has practiced law for over twenty years mostly in the field of personal injury litigation, family law, federal and state claims and now bankruptcy.  
Her primary goal is to help people in need and get their lives back on track with the best outcome.

Caren is an accomplished equestrienne and has served the horse commuity for several decades.

Caren earned her B.A.and J.D from USF and is a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society reflecting academic excellence.

Caren was admitted to the Iowa State Bar in 1989.

Caren is the proud parent of two grown children and a grand mother to one grand daughter.

Caren is a member of the Iowa State Bar, and she is admitted to Federal Court in the Southern and Northern Districts of Iowa.

She is a member of the Federal Bar Association, the Johnson County Bar Association, the Scott County Bar Association, the American Association of Justice, the American Bar Association, Iowa Woman Attorney Association and the Iowa State Bar Association.


BANKRUPTCY 7 (Iowa only)  $950.00

(internet package)

FEDERAL TORT CLAIMS/PERSONAL INJURY- No fee unless we recover for you


Caren associates with Al Lyons, Esquire whose practice covers all of Illinois. Have an Illinois case and need help? No problem. Al Lyons and Caren can handle the issues your case entails. Al Lyons is licensed in the State of Illinois and the Federal Courts of Illinois. Al  is a past Prosecutor for the City of Chicago and practices before the Federal Bar representing Bankruptcy and Tax issues.

Caren also associates with Constance Perscang Stannard, Esquire. Connie practices out of her Iowa City, Iowa office. She is the attorney for any family law appeals and she and Caren have practiced/conferred together on family law cases for over twenty years. 

Don't like the out come of your trial? APPEAL IT!

Remember appeals are time sensitive and usually need a transcript. 



Licensed in Iowa and accepting cases in all states pro hac vice.


Caren has been called "A true lawyer"  who "gets it" understanding issues relating to both genders, as a parent and professional. She's been called a "plain talker" who doesn't talk over your head and knows how all these facets of law  relate to eachother.


- Bankruptcy Code

-Iowa Code

-Iowa Bankruptcy Exceptions

-Federal Sentencing Guidelines


Payment Methods

We take Visa,  and payment plans, except for Bankruptcy which is a flat fee. Personal Injury is on a contingency fee basis. Sometimes we even barter!

We skype, teleconference with Webex and face time on smart phones. Our goal is to cut down on overhead therefore passing the savings on to the client. E-mail and fax. Your time is precious. No matter where you are, or where we are, we can connect up without the need to come to the office.                            


Bankruptcy has become Caren's special interest because Caren believes that this horrible economy  has caused so much stress in the home that families have actually broken up over the financial pressures. She wants you to get a fresh start by getting rid of debt, which can actually give you a fresh start in the home.

Let Caren erase burdensome debt and help you get a fresh start.  This process is easier than you think. These are tough times and Caren thinks it's important to use the law to your advantage.

Financial pressures are the cause of so many problems. Spouses fight over money, kids are stressed out when their parents fight, and many couples then head for divorce. Solving your money problems can solve many of the other problems that occur in the home.

Take time to read about bankruptcy and make a telephone appointment to see Caren. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy and stress free the process is. Start fresh now!

Car Truck  Accidents                          Personal Injury

These cases are  of a special interest to Caren. She believes that these personal injury events trigger problems in all aspects of our lives and she is versed in these areas and works very hard to provide the best recovery for your losses.

Car truck accidents and other injuries are a favorite area of law for Caren. She has practiced in this area for over twenty years and is dedicated to the injured. These cases are accepted using a contingency fee payment system which means if we don't win, we don't get paid.

Today the insurance industry is massive and employs full time in-house counsel and very good outside litigators  to pay the injured nothing, or very little. The insurance industry has a full bag of techniques to make sure the company pays as little as possible.

Caren has litigated car/ truck accident cases for over twenty years. She is not afraid to take a case to trial and she is not intimidated.

It is very important that you contact a lawyer right after the personal injury/car accident. Usually an insurance adjuster will contact you right away to take your statement. Caren recommends consulting with an experienced attorney before giving a recorded statement to any insurance adjuster. Telephone Caren for a consultation and she can advise you about certain questions the adjuster will ask and what to watch out for.


Divorce can be very painful and can cause havoc everywhere in your life. Caren understands how difficult these times are and handles your case with compassion and understanding.

It is always best to work out as many details with your spouse and reduce them to writing but let's face it, you guys are probably getting a divorce for a reason. However, if the lawyers have to duke it out over every last detail only the lawyers will profit. Divorce can be very expensive and if the parents can't agree on custody, then the court appearances and legal fees sky rocket. This is just plain straight talk.

Click onto the divorce section of this web site to read over some do's and don'ts while going through a divorce.


What happened to the good old days when you could pull off the road and sleep it off? They are gone, long gone. Did you know that if you are asleep in the car with the keys still in the ignition, you can still be arrested for DWI? Or public intoxication? Even if the keys are on the front seat.

So what are you supposed to do? Still pull off the road and call a friend. Do something proactive to help you get out of this mess. And, turn off the engine and put the keys in the back seat or out the window.

This is a long ordeal to go through. Contact Caren right away and let Caren assess your case to determine if there was probable cause for the stop and assist in minimizing the penalties. You really need a lawyer for this. Click on to the DUI DWI section of this web site located in the upper left hand corner for more information.




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