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Personal Injury is when you have been injured due to someone else's negligence. The most common personal injury is the auto/trucking accident. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among Americans between the age of 2 and 34 and distracted drivers are responsible for 80 per cent.

Personal injuries include assault and battery, sexual assault, medical malpractice and others. Personal Injury is the avenue you take to receive money damages for the bad acts of others.

Car Accident

Most personal injury is in the form of the car accident. The plaintiff must prove negligence to recover. Negligence is proved by the police report, eye witness testimony, expert witness testimony, photographs and sketches of the accident scene.

It is very important to write things down after the accident if you can. The memory can fade so it is best to protect yourself. Of course, the best thing is to hire an attorney to sort out all the legal matters right in the beginning. 

Almost always, an insurance adjuster will telephone you a couple of days after the crash. Caren recommends not giving a recorded statement unless you have a lawyer with you. Often injuries show up a week or even later and a premature statement to an adjuster can harm your case and ability to collect for your injuries.

Trucking Accident

A great majority of personal injury is caused by over the road truck drivers.
I'm sure you have had a couple of close calls that have scared you. 

The trucking indutry is regulated and there are many logs, computer generated GPS records that will show when the driver rested and when he didn't.

Let Caren sort these issues out for you.

Comparative Fault

Iowa is a "comparative fault" state. That means that there is a formula to see who was most at fault (if that makes any sense). There are states that are "no-fault" which means that if the plaintiff is found even one percent at fault, the plaintiff can not recover.
Iowa is not like that. 

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