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Declaring bankruptcy can be a difficult decision and a person  can be embarrassed or ashamed. Caren encourages those who need a fresh start to just do it; start over and realize some things are beyond their control and fixing.
Most people who file bankruptcy have suffered an illness, divorce, job loss or otherwise and let's face it, the economy isn't getting any better.

We encourage this fresh start. You are not alone.

First, Caren needs to make a determination if you are eligible. This is a simple process and can be done by faxing/e-mailing us your pay stub and answer a couple of questions. Eventually you will need to list all your debt and assets but we can get started right away using your pay stub. There is test the courts use called the "Means Test".

If you qualify, we can get your petition on file right away after your initial visit to the office. This is valuable because once you have filed, all efforts to collect from you are "stayed". That means everything stops until the bankruptcy is finished. So, getting sued? It will be stayed. Foreclosure? It will be stayed. Evicted? It will be stayed. Debt collection calls? No more.

 And after the bankruptcy, most of the time those debts are gone forever. You refer all of those matters to Caren and get a good night's sleep.

After the petition is on file, there is one mandatory court appearance for you to attend. You don't have to lose your house or car. Iowa has several exemptions and you can re affirm debt if you want to.

Let Caren take care of these matters for you!

This is a debt releif agency.

Bankruptcy Do's and Don'ts

Do not, do not take out a second mortgage or increase your credit line to pay off bills.

Do not transfer any property to any family members within a year.

Do not give anything tangible away.

Do not file bankruptcy if you are going to receive an inheritance within 6 months after filing.

Do not take out any new debt you know you can't repay. No new credit card debt etc. The Courts will not act favorably to you.

Do not file bankruptcy if you are about to receive a large tax refund. Talk to Caren about this.

Do not, do not, cash in your retirement funds to pay debt.

Do list all debts and all assets.

Do tell everything to Caren, even embarrassing things. We don't want any surprises in court.

Do attend your hearing with Caren or your petition will be dismissed.

Do tell Caren about any money due or owed to you.

Do relax, after you get this over with you will feel sooo much better!

Do call or e-mail this office for an appointment today.

Pre Bankruptcy Credit Counselors

To declare bankruptcy you must attend/participate in a session from a reputable credit counselor. You can attend in person or over the internet.

Horizons at It is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has branches all over Iowa, and is good if you want in person counseling. Telephone number 877-653-3123.

Cricket Debt Counseling at This is an internet service at a cost of $36.00. Telephone number 866-467-4147.

When you complete the course they will issue a certificate which will go in your court file.



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